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Thursday, March 21, 2019

American Family Radio Station AFR Communication Operation Radiotelephony Signaling Transmission Radionics Broadcasting Radiotelegraphy Reception

American Family Radio or AFR is a religious broadcast radio station that helps people solve problems in their lives.  This radio station has many listeners and assist their listeners with life changing information to help them live productive lives.

Some of the American Family Radio stations related to the business are below:

Station            State     City

WALN 89.3 FM Carrollton
W229BL 93.7 FM Huntsville
W224CR 92.7 FM Montgomery
K206BT 89.1 FM Fredonia
K220EF 91.9 FM AR Arkadelphia
W270CD 101.9 FM FL Jacksonville Beach
WBKG 88.9 FM GA Macon
WBEL  88.5 FM IL Cairo
WQSG 90.7 FM IN Lafayette
KAYP 89.9 FM IA Burlington
KAXR 91.3 FM KS Arkansas City
WAPD 91.7 FM LA Alexandria 
WAIJ 90.3 FM  MD Grantsville
WMCQ 91.7 FM MI Muskegon
WMSB 88.9 FM MS Byhalia


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