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Sunday, February 17, 2019

Radio Stations How Do They Transmit Signals?

The way that radio stations operate is through radio waves which is an electormagnetice wave from an antenna. Waves of a radio have different frequencies and when people are tuning in on a radior the receiver picks up a particular frequency or signal. Most all FM radio stations have band frequencies ranging from 88 megahertsz and 108 megahertz.

The best free radio stations on the internet are iHeartRadio, Pandora Music, Radio Online, SinusXM, Spotify, TuneIn, Your local radio apps, and XiliaLive.

The way that you start your own radio station is simple. You have to first apply for frequency, apply for a licene, and Establish people or a source of funding.  Some local radio stations are, KLSD, KMSR, KNBR, and KNML.

Radio stations near me can be found in various locations online, when you put in your local city. Radio stations in Chicago can be located there as well.

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