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Saturday, December 22, 2018

Etsy Personalized Custom Products Homemade Vintage Custom Unique Gifts

Things that are considered on Etsy handcrafted, are items that are made or designed by the seller of the product.

The way that Etsy describes vintage is anything that is 20 years or older. The company encourages people to flag things that they see as incorrect.

The jewelry on Etsy is real based on my experience.
Everything on Etsy have to be handmade according to standards.
The  marketplace for this company includes handmade items, vintage items, and craft supplies and much more. Reselling is only allowed in the craft and vintage areas of the website or business. Reselling is not allowed in Handmade. The act of reselling is selling an item that you, the seller, did not make or design, for the use of profit.

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