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Thursday, October 17, 2019

21 Day Fix Simple Eating Fitness Weightloss Program

With the 21 Day Fix low carb meal plan  you can find low carb meals that you can have each day

With the 21 Day Fix you can drink frappucino with a little sweetner and a tiny bit of creamer.

The 21 day rule is the way of doing, being and saying something for a total of 21 days and to make the thing that your do, say or be a habit for that period of time. The habits that you have promised yourself to complete or accomplish are built up or accumulated over a period of time you determine.

The 21 90 rule or 21/90 is the method that  a lot of people use to forumulate routine habits.  The rule involves a commitment of yourself to have professional and personal growth for a goal of 21 straight days.  After a total of 3 weeks the pursuit to obtai this goal should have by now become a habit.  Once you complete the habit you continue it for another 90 days.


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